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London South Events 2016

Attached is the current pdf for London South Open & Club Events in 2016 ctt club events 2016 v11.1. The list is contained within the yellow book, but this is the most up to...

Time Trialling Information

New to Time Trialling ?  how to get started CTT Rules and Regulations Рwhat riders need to know Clubs affiliated to London South Рlist of clubs (select London South from drop down) Events...

The London South District Handbook

The London South District Handbook

The “Yellow Book” lists all Time Trials due for promotion within the District: Open events and Club events. It also contains contact information for the clubs affiliated to the District, all District Officials, Timekeepers,...

2016 Events

Club events list with inclusion of Open and Association events for information. ctt club events 2016 v11.1 Version 11.1 February 2016.