Club Events

Welcome to the 2020 London South CTT Club events Programme.

Covid 19 Updated spreadsheet below. Please see column “Event going ahead”, and advise if you are intending to run your event, if it is NO then your event is not sanctioned.

General Information
Hi, I’m Paul Tunnell, Club Events Secretary, welcome to my little document for 2020 Club Time Trial Events in London South. This document should give you all the information you need to apply for your club events in accordance with the regulations, but the overarching rules and regulations in the CTT handbook will always apply.

Please note that the CTT Club Events Levy is £3.00 per rider per event for ALL events (including Come & Try it) for the 2020 season.

Levies MUST be sent with the Club Levy Form to the District Treasurer  all together at the end of your club events season, and by 31 October, please. This can be done either by post  (cheques made payable to ‘Cycling Time Trials’), or online – please e-mail the District Treasurer for full details if you wish to submit your form and pay online.

Applications for next years events should be directed to the Club Events Secretary before, or at the AGM November 2020. Any alterations or additions MUST be approved by the District, and MUST be sent to the Club Events Secretary AT LEAST 8 weeks prior to the event. Anything later than this may not be approved. Don’t forget to also send copies of the police forms.

Please note that it is ESSENTIAL that you start your club event at the stated time, and adhere to the MAXIMUM number of riders applied for, as any deviation can cause problems if another club is preceding/following you/using the same section of road, or where traffic conditions and/or lighting up times dictate, and could invalidate police permissions.

Please pass on any information that may impact future events on the course you are using to the London South District, so that other riders/events/marshals can benefit from your experience and, if appropriate, update the course risk assessment. This will help us all reflect a more professional image of the organisation.

It is important to take note of the published ‘sunset’ times when applying for your club events, and assess the riders times to not only complete the course safely, (assume 20mph average) BUT also take into consideration return to ‘HQ’.

1/2 Minute Intervals
If you wish to start riders at ½ minute intervals, please submit your Police Notice on the basis that riders will be dispatched at 1 MINUTE intervals to calculate the overall event period, as this is the legal basis for police notification of the “right” to run a time trial on the highway. Please state that you are requesting ½ minute intervals on your club events application, and note that ½ minute intervals are subject to police approval (which London South CTT request on your behalf)
Please try and send your applications and police notifications in early as negotiations can be lengthy.

This facility is ONLY available for EVENING club events held on G10/42 and G10/57.

Crawley/Horsham Courses.
We are continuing to monitor the traffic conditions on the roads associated with Crawley/Horsham courses, the impact of recent housing developments and the extra pressure this is bringing to bear on them. this has resulted in the loss of courses G10/57, G10/59, G25/46 and G25/51.

We would welcome any considered suggestions for new courses. Please bear in mind the need for car parking and suitable start/finish areas.

Holmwood Courses.
These include courses G10/40, G10/41, G10/42, G10/47, GS/482 an GS/483 used for evening events.

Weekday evenings from start of season to 31st May (Inc) and from 1st August onwards Weekday evenings from 1st June to 31st July (inc)
Event MUST start at 7:30pm Event MUST start at 7:40pm

Please note that Saturday morning events on Holmwood courses outside of peak season may request a later start time of 10:00am

District ‘Club Events’(TBA).
There are two club events held on G25/54 where arrangements have been made to hire Broadbridge Heath Village Centre as HQ, offering toilet facilities, use of the foyer and car park. Clubs are invited to take part in these events. A small fee is payable.

Police Notices.
Please note that a SEPARATE Police Notice is required for EVERY club event, and must be sent (email is permitted) to the relevant Police Force, with a copy (again email is permitted) to the Club Events Secretary, 8 weeks before the event. Only ONE event can be registered on EACH form. Many clubs submit ALL of their events at the beginning of the season, which is much easier to administer. Police forms may be sent without a signature, as the sender’s email address is considered their agreement. Therefore the sender must be present at the event as if their signature was on the form.


Cycling Time Trial Officer
Traffic Unit
Tactical Operations
Kent Police
London Road
British Legion Village
ME20 7SL


Duncan Brown
Head of road Safety & Traffic Management
PO Box 101

Helmets and Rider Safety.

All Junior competitors, and those under 18 years of age MUST wear a properly affixed hard/soft shell helmet that meets internationally accepted standards # (an aero-helmet is allowed if it meets such safety standards), is undamaged and in good condition. Such helmet should offer protection against injury and not restrict vision or hearing

#Such as SNELL B95, ANSI Z90.4, AUS/NZ 2063:96, DIN 33-954, CPSC or EN 1078. The current British Standard BS 6863 is primarily intended for use by young riders and is not intended to provide a complete specification for helmets for high speed or long distance riding. These are not LSDC recommendations, however they are a starting point for you to begin the search for the best helmet for you. All British safety kite standards normally start with BSI.

Whilst not compulsory, please consider the following recommendation:
• ‘It is strongly recommended that ALL RIDERS wear a hard/soft shell helmet that meets internationally accepted safety standards

NEW FOR 2020

It is now compulsory that a working rear light – either flashing or constant, should be fixed to the machine in a position clearly visible to following road users, and active all the time whilst the machine is in use’

Safety Signs.
It is important that the nationally recognised signs are placed in accordance with the Course Risk Assessment, however, to be effective a sign must be visible and secure. It should also provide sufficient time for a driver or rider to absorb and react to its message, signs should:
• Be placed in accordance with the course risk assessment
• Be clearly visible to on-coming vehicles and riders
NOT be obscured by long grass, bushes, tree branches etc;
NOT obscure other road signs
ONLY officially approved signs should be used

‘Cycle event’ signs should be placed well in advance of a junction or roundabout, for a low speed junction or roundabout, 30 – 100m could be appropriate, and 100 – 200m for a high speed junction or roundabout.
Please do not inconvenience the general public when placing signs, for example by blocking driveways or the pavement with a sign, or your vehicle. For your own safety, wear high-visibility clothing when placing signs.
Should any course signage be removed without authorisation, as a minimum, this is considered to be the offence of theft. Similarly, mis-placing of signs is considered an act of vandalism.
Please report any such incidents to the Police Force concerned using the non-emergency number 101:
KENT:       Report details to EVENTS OFFICER and ask for the matter to be referred to the Kent Traffic Unit;
SURREY: Report details and ask for an ICAD to be created and the matter referred to TBA;
SUSSEX:    Report details and ask for a SERIAL to be created and the matter referred to TBA.
Please also notify the CTT London South District Secretary, and the Club Events Secretary.

Traffic cones and road works seem to spring up anywhere and at any time, and can catch you unawares, what may have been fine a day or so ago, may now be unavailable, with traffic lights etc – a useful website for Surrey planned roadworks: Diversions following a closure of a motorway or trunk road may result in heavier volumes of traffic, and sometimes the weather conspires against us…..
WHATEVER the problem is SAFETY of the riders is paramount. Should you need to, then take the decision to cancel the event, however unwelcome that may be. It is not permitted to use adjacent roads ‘on the day’.

Reporting Accidents.
If a competitor OR an event official is involved in ANY accident in or in the vicinity of an event which either/or:
1. Results in personal injury
2. Involves a third party
3. Is reported to the police
The competitor MUST report the circumstances, however trivial, to the Event Secretary as soon as possible. The Event Secretary shall ensure that a full report is submitted to the National Secretary, and the appropriate District Secretary within fourteen days of the event. The  District Secretary shall notify the National Secretary of the District Committee’s findings when its investigations into the accident have been concluded.
ALL accidents involving serious injury or death MUST be reported to the Club Events Secretary immediately it is practical to do so.

Signing On.
An important and often overlooked aspect of club events is signing – on. Either a full entry form, or a CTT signing on form Type B events revised May 2018 for club events MUST be completed and signed by EVERY competitor on EVERY occasion before they are allowed to start.
In the case of Club Members under 18 years of age, the Annual Parental Consent Form for Club Event MUST be signed by the parent and witnessed by a responsible Club Official before the member concerned is allowed to ride.
When riders are signing on it is important to obtain sufficient details to identify the riders concerned, particularly those riders from other clubs (Private Time Trials), so that in the case of emergency, the rider’s relatives can be contacted promptly. This is also the time to introduce any additional risks that have been obtained from the ‘on the day’ risk assessment. This can be communicated to riders verbally, or they can be directed to a written note. The details of which should be sent to Club Events Secretary on completion of the event.

Risk Assessments.
In today’s ever increasingly litigious society, one area that CTT are particularly concerned about are Risk Assessments.
Risk is inherent in any activity, and cannot be completely removed, and the purpose of a risk assessment is to assess any risk and put measures in place to mitigate the risk, and if initially considered a high risk, such measures reduce it to medium or low. These may take the form of signage and/or marshals at junctions/roundabouts etc.
A recent case I have heard of is one being challenged on the basis that a car driver emerged from a side road into a major road, and collided with a rider. The driver’s legal team are claiming that CTT are partly to blame because a warning sign as called for in the Risk Assessment was not in place). I don’t wish to call for any comment on this but wouldn’t want to be in the event organiser’s shoes!!!!

Every course in London South has had it’s own risk assessment completed, and where possible is enclosed, but if not, please contact the Courses Co-ordinator. This document will detail what measures you must put in place.
Specific Risk Assessments.
In addition to the generic course risk assessment, each Event Organiser (or delegate) is required to assess the course to be used in advance of the event on the day for any additional unforeseen hazards (such as a broken down car on the carriageway, a large pothole (not every single bump), or an event somewhere else causing a build-up of traffic, in essence, anything that the riders and officials should be aware off before heading to the start.

This specific risk assessment MUST be drawn to each riders attention before starting (this can be done in a number of ways, the most common being the completed SRA form available at the time of signing-on). If this is given verbally, a record of what was said must be kept and sent to the Club Events Secretary (paul Tunnell) on the completion of the event.

It may well be that no other hazard is identified, which is fine, but this too should be documented and MUST be sent to Courses Co-ordinator,  on completion of the event.

Please send any concerns or issues to London South Courses Co-ordinator so that the District may assess any recurring problems on courses that you as an individual may be unaware.

2021 events:-

Looking forward, lease use the 2021 application for next years club events. Please send the completed application to the club events secretary by the date of the AGM (Oct 2020) as courses are limited and we want to be able to accommodate everybody. Also note the increase in CTT club events levy to £3 per rider.

2020 Applications now closed.




Draft calendar for 2020. To be reviewed. Open events dates are input, but details to be confirmed.