LSDC endorses the running of type A (open) events from 18th July 2020

The District Committee held an extraordinary committee meeting on 14th July 2020 to discuss their endorsement of the running of Type A (Open events) from 18th July 2020 in keeping with the CTT endorsement and guidelines.
The LSDC committee unanimously decided that they will endorse the running of type A events in keeping with the current CTT guidance and risk assessment (attached) as of 18th July 2020. In addition to the strict guidelines for running such events from CTT, the LSDC would also encourage event organisers to consider the following:
• For events on the CTT website where the entries have already closed, consideration to contact the CTT to request extending or reopening the event for a further 7 days.
• Any clubs or organisations that decide NOT to run Type A events for the remainder of the 2020 season should communicate this publicly and also consider withdrawing/cancelling their event from the CTT website.
• Events MUST have a HQ area (Car park or HQ building) and toilet facilities for competitors to use.
• Event organisers should consider making a payment for the car park to the relevant Hall or HQ and if their usual venue is unavailable then to consider approaching and supporting other village halls who have suffered financially due to the COVID-19 lockdown and restrictions.
• The CTT are supportive of tandem entries in all circumstances but have yet to communicate this widely. As a result the organiser should double check with CTT National before accepting the entry.
The LSDC would like to remind event organisers that the compliance with and policing of the CTT guidelines and risk assessments is the responsibility of the promoting club or organisation.
Here’s hoping for a happy and safe return to racing in our district area for the remainder of the 2020 season.