LSDC Clarification and Holding message regarding Type A events

Following the CTT update dated 6th July 2020 giving a green light to racing this message is to reiterate that the current LSDC position is that we support the running of Type B(club events) as of Monday 13th July 2020 but NOT Type A events(Open events) as per our message dated 25th June.

With numerous enquiries and clearly an appetite to return to racing the LSDC will be holding an emergency committee meeting no later than Wednesday 15th July 2020 to review the decision regarding Type A events and will communicate a further message within 24 hours. Obviously CTT have not sanctioned a return to racing Type A events until Saturday 18th July 2020. As a result, please can members and organisers refrain from communication in respect of this issue.

We must remind all event organisers that running ANY events must be in keeping with the current Covid-19 risk assessment and CTT guidelines. The responsibility for complying with and policing these measures sits with the promoting club and it’s officials. We recommend that any individual riders who do not comply with the regulations should be disqualified from the event.

Thank you for your understanding and patience in this matter.