Dear All,
With the each district deciding at different times as to whether to sanction the return to Type A events, assuming compliance of CTT Covid-19 RA and guidance, in the early stages of the return there has been a complaint to LSDC regarding a breach of the above regulation. This is being investigated and those affected will be communicated with confidentially in due course.

Regulation 11(e) states:

(e) A competitor must not enter or accept an invitation to compete in more than one competitive event (see Note 3) on the same day except when:
(i) his entry or acceptance for one event has been withdrawn before the closing date for entries for that event; or
(ii) it is possible and reasonable to start and finish in both events.
Note 3: A competitive cycling event includes time trials, road races and triathlons or similar and will include all competitive cycling events held under the technical regulations of British Cycling.

It is understood that competitors are eager and keen to get a number on their back and ride in anger against the clock, please ensure that you take care in which events you enter.

Kind regards

Ian Cheesman

LSDC Gen sec